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I just need the abstract and apa headings/subheadings done, and a reference page. Here are the instructions.
For Unit 3, only the 2) APA abstract, 3) APA headings and subheadings, and 4) preliminary APA reference list are due.
The full Case Study Paper will be due in Unit 4.
A PowerPoint presentation for the Case will be due in Unit 5.
The Case Project is developed over three units: 3, 4, & 5. The Case Project should be considered a single assignment, not three separate assignments. Therefore, do not overemphasize the score on any single component of the Case. Rather, take a broader and more accurate view of the Case Project as a single, unified assignment worth a total of 200 points. The Case point distribution is as follows:
Part I (Due Unit 3) – The Initial Formatting/Outline = 25 Points
Part II (Due Unit 4) – The Full Paper (Analysis) = 100 Points Part III (Due Unit 5) – The Case PowerPoint presentation = 75 Points
Total Case Assignment Points = 200 Points
The textbook, Continuing Problem Assignment Instructions, Classroom/course Assignment instructions, etc. use several terms interchangeably. The following terms can be understood as referring to your Project or individual elements of the Project: Case Project, Continuing Problem, Continuing Case, “CC,” “CCC.” If you have any questions about any of the terminology, please bring them the Virtual Office.
Much of the Case Project will be an exercise in developing your critical thinking skill and your ability to follow instructions. Therefore, be sure to read all Assignment instructions (all units: 3, 4, & 5) very carefully before starting the writing process.
“Using Sources.” Unit 3 Case Part 1
Assignment Specifics:
Part 1 of the Continuing Case, due in Unit 3, includes: creating the title page, the abstract, a “framework” outline of all Level 1 and Level 2 APA headings and subheadings, and a preliminary reference list for a formal analysis paper. For the Case, you are to complete a series of “Continuing Problems” from your textbook. No other content is appropriate in the Unit 3 Case Assignment Part 1