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I just need a typed scriipt of information that i’m going to talk about into my eventual power point about smoking from a friend in a mock anthropology interview. The instructions are copy pasted below, but i’ll also link the questions that will help you shape the interview scriipt. For the last step of the Ethnographic Interview Project, you will act as a critical thinker, academic writer, and presenter to showcase your ethnographic research by preparing a presentation. Your goal is to present the findings of your interview in an engaging way to your peers. The presentation should be 7–10 minutes long. The presentation is NOT a transcriipt or retelling of the interview. You must interpret and analyze the conversation in the context of the interview topic and major themes you identified to demonstrate the course concepts you’ve learned. Your presentation should include the following:
Creative or Descriiptive Title
Introduce yourself and your interviewee (make sure to use a pseudonym), interview topic, what you wanted to learn from the interview, why you chose to interview this person, and an overview of what your presentation will cover
Address the following questions in an engaging way
When did the interview take place?
What platform did you use?
How long was the interview?
How many questions did you ask?
What topics did you cover?
Did you record the interview?
What ethnographic research methods did you use and why?
Critical Analysis
This section is a presentation of your findings and an interpretation of your interviewee’s responses in relation to the topic, themes you identified, and at least 4 sources
Develop your own conclusions from the interview data and support them by using detailed examples, interview quotes, and clear explanations
Use at least 4 citations in this section
Source material should be synthesized into your analysis and provide additional background or context about the person you are interviewing, the topic(s), or the themes you identified
Wrap up your presentation by summarizing your key findings and provide a short reflection on the interview process and what you gained from it
In-text Citations and Reference List
Make sure to include in-text citations that references a resource

All in-text citations and reference list entries must be in APA style
You do NOT need to cite quotes or paraphrased information from your interviewee Present in the first person
Consider the audience perspective – how can you engage, interact, and inform them?
Keep in mind that you are presenting academic research, not an opinion piece or fluffy profile of the person you interviewed
You should use the ethnographic data you collected in the interview to construct your analysis and provide supporting evidence
Avoid making value judgments and wide sweeping generalizations
Be specific and provide supportive evidence for any claims made
Conducting a thematic analysis of the interview data is a great approach for the Critical Analysis section