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This is one attempt only. Please be sure to have access to and have completed all the sections before you submit essay.
wP2H.mckendricksj. 3 parts.why primates and humans (Links to an external site.) SEE ATTACHED
This essay matches the part 3 of this section and is one attempt only. The idea is to prewrite from the course material prompt in the course material document above. (see attached)
Part 3
There are no articles to read for this section and the information for this essay is to be taken only from the reading above. Spend a few minutes and read the notes. In a five part essay 5 paragraphs with at least 5 lines per paragraph. Write about the following in +/- 250 words. Read the prompt and use information from the video lessons to answer the questions and finish with The idea is to write this first on your own time then simply past it into the quiz section for this.
P1. Discuss the wide variations of the mosaic evolution as seen in the notes above regarding primates. P2. Discuss some distinct adaptations of monkeys
P3. Discuss some distinct adaptations of apes
P4. Discuss the last six slides and some distinct adaptations of primates P5. Discuss the idea of evolution and why primates are prime to know because of the vast diversity. Use an aha or shock moment from this section.