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Answer the 6 questions below. You are welcome to use whatever lecture materials, notes, or outside sources you wish to answer them, as long as you answer in your own words.
You have the potential to earn 30/25 points on this assignment.
If you choose to use a drawing or diagram in any of your answers, DO NOT copy-paste existing figures or diagrams. You must draw them yourself.
If you upload a file (pdf or Word document) please name the file containing your completed assignment as your name as it appears on iLearn. For example, name the file “Taylor Ray Smith” but with your own name.
How do calcium ions regulate myofibrils to control muscle contraction? (4 points)
EDTA is a chemical that chelates calcium ions—in other words, it binds calcium ions. Explain how EDTA promotes the dissociation of animal cell tissue. (4 points)
Design an experiment that would demonstrate that a KDEL sequence keeps an ER-resident protein in the ER. (5 points)
What is the function of a gap junction? Please describe or diagram an experiment to test the function of a gap junction. (5 points)
Cadherins are cell adhesion molecules important for the sorting of cells.
What sort of final architecture might you expect if you were to mix together two populations of cells that both express P-cadherin, but, in addition, one population expresses E-cadherin and the other expresses N-cadherin? (Population 1 expresses E and P, while Population 2 expresses N and P.) Describe or draw your answer. (3 points)
What would the final architecture look like if one population stopped expressing P-cadherin? Describe or draw your answer. (3 points)
Name two topics that we have covered during this class that confuse you the most and describe why they confuse you / what about each of them you find confusing. I will use your answers to design a review for the last class period before the final exam. (6 points)