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could you please login in to my backboard and help with my homework for BIOL463.98.BIOL363.98 for week 2under weekly lesson . my login is password – login details will be available for the assigned writer
This week we will also introduce R Markdown. R Markdown is a wonderful tool to combine your data analysis with human readable text. It has been used to write reports, manuscriipts and books. One can even use it make presentation slides. If you never do any further genomic analysis, learning how to create reports in RMarkdown will be helpful for your lab reports in other classes. You will present your final project with R Markdown.
Start thinking about a genomic analysis you would like to do for your final project. Look in the text for types of analysis in addition to RNA Seq. Think about what type of biological problem you may be interested in. Remember, the first week discussion topic? You may want re-examine papers with an eye towards the type of data available. I will be happy to help you choose a topic and paper.