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Find and read a scientific paper about some aspect of cell biology. This paper should be an original research article, not a review, and should have been published no earlier than 2018. In your own words (no quotes from the paper), write a brief summary of the paper, including the scientific question it’s trying to answer, the model system (mouse, E. coli, etc.) and tools (what type of microscopy? what sequencing techniques? etc.) the researchers used to address this question, the main findings, and the conclusion. This summary should be at least 100 words, and no longer than 200 words. Finally, write two questions related to the paper. These questions do not count toward the word count of the brief summary. These questions can be about the paper itself or about the next research steps. They don’t have to be complicated, but they should go beyond the surface level and reflect some deeper thought about the paper.
Include the title of the paper you chose and a link to it. One point will be deducted if you don’t include a way for me to find the paper you chose.
Don’t choose the same paper as your friends. Do not plagiarize. I will be checking.
I don’t expect you to understand every word of the paper you choose, but you should be able to identify the main points needed to write the brief summary.
Please write in complete sentences with proper capitalization and punctuation.