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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Assignment Tasks
Task 1
Identify an Omani organisation (SAOG or LLC) or any multinational corporation having its operations in
the country (Oman), you need to investigate the main assignment task from the chosen company. If you
are employed it would be preferable to choose your own organisation for the ease of getting data. This
assignment will need to depend majorly on secondary resources for investigation and completing the
tasks below. You need to keep your teacher informed if you plan to collect primary data and get prior
approval with declaration in the current situation. You are expected to gather information from other
sources such as business and scientific magazines, academic journals, company reports, MEC E-Library
and the internet as much as possible. You must do research and support your report with a minimum
of 10 resources. (90 marks)
Q1. “Critically analyse any 5 sustainability practices adopted by the selected organization.
(Approximately 400 words) (25 marks).
Q2. Define Corporate Social Responsibility. Critically analyse the 3ps of Sustainability of the chosen
organization. (Approximately 400 words) (20 marks)
Q3. Critically analyse the change management in the chosen organization. Apply the Bridge’s
transition model of change management in the chosen organization.
(Approximately 400 words) (20 marks)
Q4. Critically analyse any 5 characteristics of an effective change agents.
(Approximately 400 words) (20 marks)