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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business multi-part question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
For this assignment, you will determine where you will start looking for your inspiration, source of creativity, or challenges you may want to solve. You will select an area of interest that will start to form the basis of your course work for the rest of the course modules and the final project. However, you should not start with a solution which goes against the design thinking part of the course. Many great products and services are designed with a solution for one instead of understanding what the market really wants. A great example is how Paypal got started.
Prepare a brief executive summary of no more than one page of how you will start your project, what industry you are likely to tackle, and why you chose this industry/area. Please make sure you provide specifics and any data you can to back up your reasoning.
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Step 1: Identify an Opportunity
From Fieldbook pp. 8-9:
Complete and submit your area for the opportunity you would like to explore with design thinking.
Step 2: Scope Your Project
From Fieldbook pp. 10-11:
Complete the template and submit it as evidentiary material.
Step 3: publish Your Design Brief
From the Fieldbook pp. 12-13:
Complete the Design Brief and submit documentation as evidentiary material.
Step 4: Make Your Plans
From Fieldbook pp. 14-19:
Complete your project plan and submit documentation as evidentiary material.
Step 5: Do Your Research
From the Fieldbook pp. 20 – 21:
Select and complete a minimum of two tools from the list that are appropriate for your project (secondary research, direct observation, ethnographic conversations, job to be done, value chain analysis, journey mapping, personas, 360 empathy, creating posters) and submit documentation as evidentiary material for each.
What you will turn in will vary by the tools you use. The book provides several templates and tools for you (i.e., pp. 52, 62, etc).
Step 6: Identify Insights
From Fieldbook pp. 22 – 23:
Document Gallery Walk and submit documentation as evidentiary material. You will upload a photo or photos that show the results of the 4th step of the process and show your Post-It and clusters.
Step 7: Establish Design Criteria
From Fieldbook pp. 24-25:
Complete and submit documentation as evidentiary material. You should have 6-8 criteria in the form of “If anything were possible, my/our ideal solution would…”