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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
This group research paper explores the current trends in Information Technology that benefits business, its impacts to society, and the expected return on investment. The paper will contain the following:
Identify 10 trends in Information Technology.
For each trend: 1. Summary explanation of what is the Information Technology trend with appropriate images where possible.
2. Which industry or industries would use the trend?
3. Select one organization within the identified industry and explain how that organization would use the trend within.
4. What are the benefits to the organization in terms of value, margin, customer growth or others?
5.What are the ethical or social issues related to the trend?
6.What is the expected investment in order to participate in the trend and the expected Return on Investment (ROI) for the organization from the trend? Find or estimate some actual financial values.
7. Complete the Pyramid for Enterprise Design – Identify and explain each level – hardware needed, software needed, Application needed, data collected, dashboards or KPIs, what kind of business decision would be made using the data.
8. Relate the IT Trend to Porter’s Value Chain. Explain the impact of the trend on Primary Activities, The Support Activities, and the Margin.
Before the conclusion, the author will make a persuasive argument as to which of the 10 trends in the paper one feels is the more important for a business given what one knows of the trend and its pros and cons.

• APA 7th Edition format for the paper. Title page, Table of Contents, Reference page.
• No Abstract required.
• For the persuasive personal opinion, the author can use “I” as set out in APA 7th edition.
This paper must be written as a research essay paper.
• Support your answers with research from academic and relevant industry sources.
Introduction – please follow the best practice as set out here. CMPT641 – Assignment #1 – Trends in IT introduction#:~:text=%20Writing%20an%20Introduction%20to%20a%20Research%20Paper,is %20important.%206%20State%20your%20hypothesis.%20More%20 • Conclusion – please follow the best practice as set out here:
• The paper must flow some logical flow. Use of headers are required.
The paper will be marked on the rubrics shown below. Ensure your paper follows the rubrics.
• The paper should not exceed 9,000 words (not including the title page or reference page). There is no minimum word count. The key is whether the paper thoroughly answers the questions above. Precise and concise writing is recommended. Consider using tables and charts in the paper.
Ensure the paper has its mechanics and grammar checked through Grammarly.
Turnitin score of less than 5% is required. Turnitin does not count quoted material, title page, or reference page. Turnitin score only refers to the body of the assignment.
• A minimum 5 academic references via the library and 6 non-academic references (minimum total 11). Sites such as Panmore, UKEsssay, Scribble, Coursehero, Chegg, and Wikipedia will not be allowed. Use of other student’s paper from any other institution as a reference will not be accepted. Links must be provided for all digitally accessed documents. The links and reference information must access the page being referenced otherwise it will not count as a site used.
A well written paper is one where the paper teaches the reader about the topic. Do not assume that the reader understands your topic or will fill in the blanks of information. Marks are given for what is written not what you planned to write or what is inferred from the writing. Be clear, succinct, with specific examples, researched support, and use of simple business English.