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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Answer the following questions
From the textbook Chapter 11
1.What two activities are parts of a successful database marketing program?
2.What are the two primary functions of data mining?
3.Identify the four types of sales presentations that typically used by sales reps.
From the textbook Chapter 12
1.Define sales promotion. What are the two main categories of sales promotions?
2.Name and describe five types of coupons. Which is the most popular with manufacturers? Which has the highest redemption rate?
3.What problems are associated with coupon programs?
*Your writing content must be APA formatted (Review rubrics for required information on formatting APA style)
*A reference page with your textbook and at least one other reference from the FNU Library (LIRN / Library and Information Resources Network) specifically Pro-Quest and/or STATISTA.
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– Pass > onlinelibrary39
*Your content must be structured with the question written and underlined.
*Each question must have at least 200 words of writing