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Learning Goal: I’m working on a business question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
Select a contemporary Social and Political Environments of Business Topic that considers some of the learning from our first two chapters (The Corporation and its Stakeholders, and Managing Public Issues and Stakeholders). Read your article or case carefully. Write a 2-page (single spaced) paper using the following case review format and addressing each of the following, identified issues.
Case Briefing Requirements
What is the name of the case or article?
Who is the Author?
What is the publication?
Summarize the facts and issues of the article or case, examining the social or political issues found.
Identify and discuss 3-5 of the social or political issues we are studying as contained in the article or case, and the impact of each on modern business and business decision making.
Identify – Explain and APPLY each issue. REMEMBER TO (1) Identify the issues, (2) define and explain the issue as we have studied it in our course textbook and my supporting slides citing the exact page (example – (P.27), and (3) explain how our learning can be applied to the case or article that you chose.
Apply the chapter content and concepts that apply to your study by explaining each and noting pages from the textbook or my supporting slides.
Cite all sources