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Please revise this assignment from Blockbuster to Apple Inc based the guidelines stated below.
You are an analyst assigned to review the supply chain of Apple Inc. Your research and insight regarding the company will help determine if your firm should continue to hold Apple shares. You will review the effectiveness of Apple’s supply chain, their ability to continue to compete in the fast paced technology industry, and make a recommendation on whether your firm should continue their investment in this company.
Assignment Instructions
Review the case, Apple Inc.: Managing a Global Supply Chain (please see attached), use APA 7th Edition formatting for this essay. Also use 3-4 authoritative scholarly resources to research Apple Inc.’s supply chain, then write a report that analyzes Apple’s supply chain and provides an investment recommendation by addressing the following questions/factors/issues below.
Analyze Apple Inc.’s supply chain and explain what makes Apple’s supply chain different from competitors by considering the following supply chain topics.
Intellectual property considerations
Marketing in relation to the supply chain
Cost structure management
Strategic investment in relation to suppliers
Utilization of third parties for production
Working capital strategy
Division of labor in relation to high value added work
Supply and demand capacity management
Describe the key advantages that help Apple manage its supply chain.
Support your analysis with data from the case and at least two authoritative sources.
Considering future trends in this industry, describe what challenges will Apple face and how will this affect supply chain performance?
Describe which recommendations would you make to BXE Capital regarding the performance of Apple’s supply chain and continued investment in this company? Provide rationale based on your analysis.