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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY_STRATEGIC CHOICE RECOMMENDATION Students will create and present the strategic choice recommendation of their course research project Executive Summary. “PLEASE CHECK THE RESEARCH PAPER FILE”
This PowerPoint slide presentation will consist of an outline of the recommended strategy, the relevant internal and external factors that the strategic recommendation is based upon, and a justification as to why the strategy that you are recommending makes sense for your chosen firm. The format of the presentation and pertinent information are as follows:
• Individual presentation
• 5-minutes maximum: PLEASE make sure that you do not exceed the time limit.
• The presentation will consist of three to four ppt slides
o Slide 1: Relevant internal factors/company information: Introduce your firm and present the key internal factors discussed in your project that are the basis of your recommended strategy
o Slide 2: Relevant external factors: present the key external factor(s) discussed in your research project that is the basis of your strategic recommendation
o Slides 3-4: Present your strategic choice recommendation for your firm. Here you will:
 Give the strategy a name and explain the strategy selection
 Discuss what type of strategy you selected
 Discuss why this strategy makes sense given the internal and external factors you discuss in slides 1 and 2