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Read the case about H&M (pp. 573 – 582 of the core text) and then answer the following three questions, which carry equal weightings:
1. Conduct a formal situational analysis for H&M using the following strategy tools: PESTLE, 5 Forces, Strategic Capabilities, and VRIO. Put the raw analyses in appendices and use the main body of your report to explain the main outputs of your analyses and the implications of the situational analysis for H&M.
2. Using the TOWS Matrix (Figure 4.7 on p113 of the core text), identify the strategic options facing H&M. Put your raw analysis in an appendix and use the main body of your report to answer the question.
You may also find the following article useful: Weihrich, H. (1982) The TOWS Matrix — A Tool for Situational Analysis, Long Range Planning, 15 (2), p54-66. Online via Essex eLibrary
3. Make recommendations as to the strategy you believe H&M should pursue, check the viability of the strategy using the SAFe criteria, and clearly explain the rationale behind your recommendations.
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