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Week 5: Consultant Recommendations
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Points: 10 | Due Date: Week 5, Day 7 | CLO | Grade Category: Assignments
Assignment Prompt
For this week, You need to develop your Recommendations as a Consultant:
YOU ARE EXPECTED TO LET THE READER KNOW WHAT OPINIONS YOU HAVE REACHED as a result of your PESTEL analysis and your Strategic Business Areas (SBAs) Segmentation (previous chapter).
Based on a Portfolio Point Positioning, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises can develop and pursue up to 18 Strategic Business Units (SBUs) and 500 SBAs concurrently. For your reference, see MGT516 – Final Paper SBA Segmentation Guideline.ppt from the previous module.
Your Capstone Research paper needs at least two SBUs and up to 54 SBAs (However, you could come up with less than 54 SBAs). For your reference, see MGT516 – Final Paper SBA Segmentation Example.doc showing 1 SBU and 27 SBAs.
Your recommendations as a consultant would include only few of those 54 (or less) SBAs. Select the ones with more Future Prospects and Future Competitive Position Potential.
Note: My project is on Community Health Center for the Underserved. I attach last week’s assignment as a guide.