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a follow up essay to a previous essay (linked) in which you demonstrate familiarity with the approach you are going to take in the criticism. This means first, a review of the literature, that summarizes and comments on rhetorical scholars who have used in their research the theories, method, and techniques you plan to use in your analysis. For example, if you want to look at Aristotelian appeals in the speech you are analyzing, you need to look for others who have written about them or used them to analyze a speech. You should explain how this method has been used in other rhetorical studies. That is, rather than just talking generally about Aristotle’s modes of persuasion, you should talk about how other critics have used them and why they will be useful to you. You should also review any relevant research that has been conducted on your topic. If you are looking at a political campaign speech, you should look at the literature on political campaign rhetoric. If you are looking at a speech given at a protest rally, you should look at the literature on social protest, particularly anything done on the person or movement yu are looking at. Of course, if any other research has been done specifically on your topic, you should review that also.