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For the training, create an informative presentation that differentiates between effective and ineffective visual and textual communications, analyzes why, and provides examples.

Choose Training Option 1 or 2 to select your focus for the training.

Create a Microsoft PowerPoint or Sway Presentation with 8 to 12 slides.

Training Option 1:
• Provide an example of documentation with ineffective visual and textual elements.
• Analyze the ineffective visual and textual example by including the following:
• Discuss why the visual and textual elements are problematic.
• Construct the steps necessary to fix the issues.
• Explain the rationale behind these recommendations and how they would improve the document.
• Explain how the recommendations would help the audience receive the communication more clearly.
• Using the recommendations discussed, present the revised example of the visual and textual elements, and include the additional analysis:
• Discuss how this methodology could be used for other topics.
• Integrate the use of Kaushik’s algorithm/checklist.

Training Option 2:
• Locate a publicly available data set or use your own data.
• Using the data:
• Share a story.
• Using the same data, now share a DIFFERENT story.
• Use visualization tools of your choice to share your stories, such as Excel or Canva, and plug these in within your training presentation.
• Compare and contrast the different stories created.
• Analyze the data visualization and the process by including the additional analysis points within your training:
• Examine the choice for the specific chart/visualization types used for each story.
• Explain and examine potential problems each story may present.
• Present ethical implications of technical communication and data storytelling.
• Discuss who or what can support with verification that data storytelling is accurate.
• Share steps on how individuals might frame the data and the story to accurately represent reality. Why would this approach be more effective?
• Share the importance of representing data accurately.

For either option that is chosen, please include all the information in a way that will communicate best practices to your team. Additionally, include an introduction, agenda, and closing for the training.

Cite at least 2 sources beyond your textbook, including the sources for the data, to support your assignment.
Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.