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Short Essay on the Socialization of Video Games
For this assignment, we will examine the impact that video games have had on our society, specifically their ability to help us socialize with each other. After reading Chapter 11: Advertising of the textbook, watching the video, and reading the articles below, you should have a good understanding of the impact video games (computer, smartphone, and console games) have had on our society.
TEDx Talks. (Producer). (2012, November 19). Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier | TED [Video file].
Available at (Links to an external site.)
Psychology Today [Webpage].
Available at (Links to an external site.)
Note: Search for video games are social spaces in the search bar.
Early research into video games have advocated that they would isolate us, however more recent research has suggested the opposite—that video games give us effective means of socialization. For this assignment, write a short essay (one to three pages) describing the online video game community. Discuss how video games either socially isolate us or allow us a means of interaction with others. If you choose isolation, discuss what the solution would be to reengage with us socially. If you choose that video games provide interaction, discuss whether games foster interaction with people we already know, new groups of people, or both.
Please be sure to use citations and references throughout, including your textbook and any websites you utilize to conduct your research. This essay should be a minimum of one page and a maximum of three pages long.
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