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Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications multi-part question and need support to help me learn.
Learning Outcomes:
Communicate better, knowing that good communicators make better managers and that communication is a dynamic process basic to individuals and organizational life.
Perform all communication abilities, including thinking, writing, speaking, listening, and assessing the technology.
Analyze effective business letters, memorandums, and case studies.

Assignment Question(s):
Part1: Writing Exercise
1. In the role of a senior decision-maker in your business, write an announcement for your employees on one of the following subjects:
a. On-site smoking
b. Changes in working hours
c. Overtime
d. Or early retirement.
2. Write a bad-news message to your customer informing him/her that their claim was rejected.
3. Consider firing one of your employees. What communication channel would you choose to inform him/her about your decision and why?
Part 2: Critical Thinking
Here is a portion of an online forum about a company’s performance review system:
(1) Jackson: Our current performance review system really isn’t working well. Can you all share your major concerns with the current annual system and share what you view as the benefits of a quarterly review system?
(2) Cynthia: It really doesn’t matter what we think about the review system. Management won’t listen to us anyway.
(3) Erin: Do any of you know when the next team meeting is? I have it on my calendar for next Monday but that’s Labor Day. Pretty sure that’s not right.
(4) Nigel: Whether our reviews are annual, quarterly, daily, or hourly, we never get evaluated fairly, especially in our department. Wayne has his favorites.
(5) Vilma: I don’t think we should change anything. I think our human resource team is all knowing and has created a perfect system. I’m motivated to improve my behavior every single time I get my annual review back. It’s always the happiest day of the year! Of course, if we had a quarterly system, we could have four happy days per year. Food for thought.
Read the sample forum and answer the following questions:
a. What is the primary problem with section 2 of the forum?
b. What is the primary problem with section 3 of the forum?
c. What is the primary problem with section 4 of the forum?
d. What is the primary problem with section 5 of the forum?
e. How to turn this forum into an effective one?