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Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications presentation and need guidance to help me learn.
Special Occasion Speech
Write a special occasion speech. The general purpose of this delivery is to entertain the audience with wit, humor personal experiences, emotions, and overall, inspiration. Think about moments in life that deserve a special occasion, such as a wedding, the end of an athletic season, an award ceremony, graduation, farewell, and more. You are responsible for keeping things professional and light-hearted while motivating the audience to continue in life. All topics must be non-fictional.
Needed: A typed full-sentence outline .
Outline must follow the MLA template provided in class and include the correct labels. This speech is to be typed to be preformed 3-5-minutes in length.
Examples of Special Occasion Speech Topics:
· To receive an Academy Award
· What type of award? I’d like it to be the UFC Hall of fam. I’d like a speech inducting paddy the baddy pimblett into the UFC hall of fame.
Due at the Time of Presentation:
1. must be typed to have 3-5 minute delivery
2. Typed Full-Sentence Outline (MLA Style & Format)
3. Visual-Aid
Delivery Guidelines:
· Introduction: Open your presentation with a captivating statement, establish your knowledge of the topic, provide relevance to the audience, then preview your thesis and major ideas.
· Humor/Emotion: Celebrate the times you spent together with the company/school/person and how it relates to the occasion today. Help everyone come together in celebration by recognizing why they’re at the event. obviously its fictoonal and made up.
· Inspiration: Motivate the audience to stay on the course ahead, remember the good times, and to always feel joy out of life.
· Conclusion: Once you’ve reached the end of your presentation, review the major ideas covered, your thesis, and finish with a thank you or a toast.
Special Occasion Speech – Delivery Evaluation
Content 0 1 2 3 4 5
· The occasion is clearly identified and suits the assignment
· Content reflects speaker’s original thoughts
Organization 0 1 2 3 4 5
· Introduction includes a captivating statement, ethos, thesis, and preview
· Conclusion reminds the audience of the major ideas, restates the thesis, and ends creatively
· Information is easy to follow
· Transitional statements and phrases are used to connect major ideas
Supporting Materials
· Contains different examples and experiences about the subject
· Material is motivating for the audience to achieve more in life
· Supporting materials connects the audience to the topic
· y
· Ideas presented are professional and acceptable for the environment
· Content has purpose, is meaningful, and meant to inspire an audience
Visual Aid
· Provides relevant information about the topic
· Visual aid is clear and visible
· Visual aid meets professional industry standards
Special Occasion Speech – Outline Evaluation
Organizational Model
· All parts of the outline present, including thesis and purpose
· Labeled the parts of the outline as shown in the example
Three Rank Format
· Uses proper symbolism (I, A, 1)
· Indented properly to indicate major ideas and sub-points
· Transitions are used to connect major ideas
Major Ideas
· Written in short complete sentences for oral presentation
· Provides an overarching statement for the information
· Supporting ideas are written in short complete sentences for oral presentation
Supporting Ideas (Sub-Points)
· Supporting ideas are written in short complete sentences for oral presentation
· Supporting ideas are related to the major ideas and used to expand the context of the topic
Style of Language
· Appropriate for the topic, audience, and occasion
· Correct grammar, syntax, and spelling
Proper MLA Format
· Typed and in 12-point Times New Roman font
· Follows proper MLA style and format