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Learning Goal: I’m working on a communications writing question and need a sample publish to help me learn.
Attribution theory, Recources will be added
1) Title Page: Include a descriptive title and format title page using APA citation style. No abstract is needed for this paper.
2) Introduction: (approx. ½ -1 page) Your paper should introduce readers to the theory you have selected and the context in which it will be explored (that is, the body of literature you’re addressing with this paper). The introduction should include an effective attention-getting statement, the significance of your topic, a clear thesis statement (main argument), and a clear preview of your paper.
3) Overview of theory: (approx. 1-2 pages) This section should include an explanation/summary of your theory. First, explain to the reader what the theory is about (big picture) and who developed it/the context in which it was developed (for example, social identity theory originated in social psychology and was formulated by Tajfel and Turner). You should cite course reading(s) for this section and may incorporate additional theoretical pieces (such as extended literature reviews) if you wish. This section should also explain key concepts of the theory (identify and define theoretical terms), and finally explain how this theory connects to communication studies.
4) Review of literature (research): (approx. 2-4 pages) This will be the longest section of your paper and will provide support/evidence for your thesis (argument). You should review 3-4 communication studies (original research) published in peer-reviewed journals that use your theory (6-8 studies if working with a partner). The studies you cite should relate to each other, using the theory in a similar way or in a similar context. Your goal in this section is to draw on these studies as examples in making an argument about how your theory is used/taken up in this body of research. As such, in addition to summarizing what each study did and its contributions, you should consider how you are developing a through-line across studies, drawing on them to build an argument of your own. Be sure to give the reader sufficient context for each study, but don’t allow your voice as the author to be lost. Consider what information about each study is needed to support your argument (you likely won’t be including everything from the journal article assignment).
5) Conclusion: (approx. ½ – 1 page) Here, you will provide a summary and culminating statement about your paper. Restate your argument and discuss implications for communication research. You might suggest future directions for research based on your review of existing research. In other words, in the conclusion, give us a recap of the argument you made in the paper, and answer the question, “so what?”
10) References: be sure to include references for all sources used in your paper. At a minimum, you should have the 3 academic journal articles (original research) and 1 reading from the class. All references must be in APA style.