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This project was created by myself so there is relative freedom for the project. The framework is already laid. Also the first five pages are done (but need to be bolstered.)
Main areas needed to finish: creating a proper analysis through adding more variables in terms of choosing a property. This should be things like total rent in an area, or amount of rooms in an area. Just anything that could be analyzed for choosing a hotel that is not already analyzed and relates primarily to economy OR geography.
In addition add language related to economic geography, professor makes a point about using that sort of “language”

I have added the sections of what should go where as well as feedback I have received from my professor.
There will likely be some use of outside information and as such I can pull numbers for you whenever you need. I will be on standby the whole time.
Major Points: Refine, add information, add consistency or flow between the points. At financial information and add new points based on development.