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Your paper will be at least 7 and at most 9 double-spaced pages for the main content (not
including the cover page and reference page). Your choices include:
1. A research paper
Steps for writing the research paper:
a) Choose a topic in managerial economics.
b) Submit the topic and the outline of the paper by email to the instructor
anytime for approval.
c) Make sure you include real-world exampels in your discussion.
d) A minimum of 3 references besides the textbook are required. Liberty
University library has excellent resources for your search for journals.
Required Resource
(This required resource has been provided in this course as an e-book). However, if the student prefers a physical copy of the book, he or she may purchase it through the Liberty University Online bookstore, MBS Direct. The purchase of the physical copy of the textbook is optional.
Baye, M. R., & Prince, J. (2022). Managerial Economics and Business Strategy (10th ed.). New York, NY: Richard D. Irwin, Inc.