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Directions for Parent-Community Involvement Plan:
Candidates will describe their personal action plan for establishing and maintaining positive relationships with families, school colleagues, and community agencies. The plan should include aspects of the candidate’s learning experiences in an integrated universal pre-k classroom of children between the ages of 4-5. The classroom is 18 students 1 lead teacher and 2 assistant teachers. Some students within the classroom have an Individualized educational plan some children are bilingual and predominantly speak Spanish. Make sure to include research on community agencies within the Yonkers, New York community, school-based personnel, opportunities to interact with parents and caregivers regularly, and use of resources such as multimedia such as class dojo, google meets, google classroom, and google chrome and children’s literature. Write from the perspective of the Lead teacher in the school.
Explain how this family and community action plan aligns with early childhood (NAEYC) ethical standards. Candidates will include a plan for how their interaction with families and communities intersects with advocacy for young children and the early childhood profession. 4-6 pages. Papers should use APA format and include components of academic writing: HYPERLINK “”
This cumulative assignment will follow this outline:
Descriiption of the case study school you are profiling. Your case study school can be your place of employment or the one in which research was conducted.
Descriiption of the families and the community within your case study school
How do you plan to develop respectful relationships and include Ethical Standards (use NAEYC Code of Ethics) within your plan?
Describe the community strengths and resources related to your case study school
Describe your plan for parent and community involvement (based on Epstein’s Model)
Learning at Home
Decision Making
Collaborating with the Community
Appendix (extra credit)