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My supervisors picked one theme out of my results chapter and want me to take some of the qualitative data and some of the quantitative data into one section which overlays the two together relative to that theme. And discuss it using CHAT lens theory. They basically, want to merge the two data sets into one theme with discussion.
Because what I did is presenting my results chronologically by research questions and by process. As I did the first phase (qualitative) intervention and interviews with 4 participants. Then I sent out the survey (quantitive) to all faculty resulting 25 participants answered it.

So, I will attach the two documents (qualitative and quantitative) results .
You will find the theme they picked from the Qualitative part, which is
“Concern over offending others while giving feedback”
– Try to find a relevant data from the quantitive part to link it with CHAT lens discussion.
– I will attach the survey summary results for your info.