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Understanding the Assessment Evidence needed for Stage 2 of the UbD framework comes from understanding our Common Core Curriculum standards and Benchmarks. For this activity you will complete Stage 2 of a lesson plan, given Stage 1.
You have perused the Understanding by Design framework and lesson plan by viewing the PowerPoint, handout, and my lecture. For this activity, look at the Week 5 UbD Stage 1 lesson plan in which Stage 1 “Desired Results” is complete.
You will each make an initial posting in which you provide the Assessment Evidence for Stage 2.
In Stage 2 you must answer the Performance Task questions: “Through what authentic performance tasks will students demonstrate the desired understandings?” AND “By what criteria will ‘performance of understanding’ be judged?”
In Stage 2, you also answer the Other Evidence questions: “Through what other evidence (e.g. quizzes, tests, academic prompts, observations, homework, journals, etc.) will students demonstrate achievement of the desired results?” AND “How will students reflect upon and self-assess their learning?”
For your initial posting for this discussion, you must answer all four of the above questions, as you would for completing the lesson plan, given the Stage 1 information.