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English 112: Dystopias and Utopias: How Would You Like Your Society to be?
Summer 2022
Professor: Dr. Mukherjee
Final Research Paper
Primary Text: Ken Liu’s “The Perfect Match”
Secondary Texts: “You Are More Data Than Human”: Kaitlyn Wilde
& “Do Algorithms Really Control Society?”: Kalev Leetaru
Due Date: Wednesday, August 3 via Blackboard

The research paper for English 112 is a 3-4 pages long essay based on a theme derived from “The Perfect Match” The component that is mandatory for the research paper are ideas and arguments from the assigned secondary sources.

Required Elements of the Final Essay:
3-4 pages minimum plus one page of works cited
MLA Documentation: Attribution of quotes and major ideas to sources; putting titles of works used in quotation marks; Integration of quotes into your own writing; a “works cited” page attached to essay.
Interesting Introduction that establishes broader context
A strong argument or thesis
Proper paragraphing
Critical thinking
Quotation analysis and integration
Use of 2 outside sources.
Essay must have a title: You should use a separate sheet as title page, where you put the title of your essay, your name, and the class details
The formatting is as usual: 12 pts Times Roman, Double-spaced, Paragraphs indented, pages numbered.

“You Are More Data Than Human”: Kaitlyn Wilde 2nd text
“Do Algorithms Really Control Society?”: Kalev Leetaru 3rd text