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Outline : Title, section subheaders each with 1-2 sentences describing
content in each, and an Annotated Bibliography.

An annotated bibliography contains an MLA citation for each of your sources (3+ academic sources from .gov, .edu, or scholarly journal articles). Under each of your citations, write 3-4 sentences that give me:
A.) A summary of the source including who wrote it and why
B.) How you will use the source in your paper
C.) An important quote from the source you may use
Here is the full assignment that is due July 29th . Today is just the outline.
If you want to keep working for this research essay, please let me know.
write a 5+ page MLA formatted
research essay documenting a contemporary social issue. Use news reports, academic articles from the library database, published books, and your own analysis to describe a problem you believe is negatively affecting a well-defined group of people, then offer an actionable and proven solution for those involved.
There are two turn-ins for this project:
an outline with preliminary research and the complete paper with MLA formatting
-Outline + Sources (Reflection 3): title, section subtitles with 1 sentence describing content in each paragraph of the section, complete introduction with description of issue, and an Annotated Bibliography (provide information about 3 academic sources including A.) an introduction of source, B.) how the source will
be utilized in the essay, and C.) a quote from the source)
(200 pts): Grammar/mechanics, description of issue with data and quotes,
analysis of important research and central variables, investigation of who/what is
at stake, evaluation of well-proven solutions, MLA formatted in-text citations and
Works Cited page
-MLA formatting: margins, header, font, spacing: 20 pts
-Grammar and mechanics: 30 pts
-Comprehensive introduction of issue: 20 pts
-Three MLA formatted in-text citations: 60 pts
-Work Cited with at least five academic sources (books, journal articles): 50 pts
-Researched, actionable solution for your selected social issue: 20 pts