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Compose a 2-4 page essay in MLA format that directly responds to one of the topics. The essay should include your own analysis of literature and incorporate peer reviewed research and other appropriate sources to support your argument.
Essay Topics:
Choose one of the following options: Who is the protagonist and antagonist of A Raisin in the Sun?
Helpful Hints:
As we’ve discussed, providing textual evidence to support your argument is often the difference between an A paper and a D paper. You are required to use a minimum of one peer reviewed article and one other source (such as a credible website) for this paper. Use GALILEO to locate peer reviewed articles. Use research and textual evidence to support your ideas, but don’t rely on them to be the bulk of the essay. If the final product is just lengthy quotes spliced together with a few sentences of your own analysis, your grade will suffer. Document your sources carefully. Even if you paraphrase information, you must credit the original source because you got the idea there. Documentation includes in-text citations and full citations on the works cited page. Use quotation marks and an in-text citation to indicate direct word-for-word quotes. Don’t forget to cite the primary text (the play or the poem itself) in the works cited. Grading:
Introduction is interesting and appropriately familiarizes the reader with the topic.
Paper contains a clear, easily discernable thesis statement located at the end of the intro.
Body paragraphs support and further explain the thesis and use appropriate research to support the thesis.
Clear organization of body paragraphs. (one point per paragraph)
Sources are documented properly, including in-text citations and the works cited. The paper is written in grammatically correct Standard English.
Paper adheres to MLA format, including the heading, header, appropriate margins, font, etc. Conclusion effectively provides a sense of completeness and closure to the paper. *Papers that do not meet the minimum length requirement of two full pages will lose at least a letter grade.