Select Page is a true random number service that generates randomness via atmospheric noise. Before computers, random numbers were generated manually using random number tables as described in your module resources. Visit or any other available random number generator website to address the following scenario:
Georgia is conducting research on how the drug simazine affects frog survivorship. She has one control and four treatment groups. Each group consists of three aquaria, each containing two frogs, totaling 15 aquaria and 30 frogs. Using (or another online random number generator), create a random number scheme for placing each frog into an aquarium and each aquarium into a group (Control, Treatment #1, Treatment #2, Treatment #3, and Treatment #4). In your initial post, include the following information: 1. Describe how the frogs will be assigned to the aquaria in the groups, include a screenshot of your sets or groupings, and cite the resource you utilized to create your random number sets. Be sure to fully describe the resource. 2. Explain how different this task would be if you had used the manual method of assigning random numbers using a table as described in the module resources. 3. Explain the purpose of randomization and blinding in research studies.