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There’s two assignment but it connected.
1) In preparation for Case Analysis 1, analyze the case Short shorts.pdf. Download Short shorts.pdf. Before participating in the discussion, look over the four pages I have prepared for Case Analysis 1. The instructions are to perform a rationalization analysis, value analysis, and action analysis, specifying which principles from the action analysis pptx led to your recommended action.
2) For Case Analysis 1 you have to create and deliver a formal presentation (on power point or similar software) of your case analysis. Your presentation should have a minimum of 6 pages: 1) intro, 2) contextual analysis, 3) rationalization analysis, 4) value analysis, and 5) action analysis. Its fine to have as many pages as you want, but all presentations should be between 5 and 7 minutes.
This will require an understanding of Mods 1-6, but especially these four pages:
A Theory of Applied Ethics
Trade off & Action Analysis
Adding to the Ethical Reasoning Framework
Examples of Value Analysis in Business
For your action analysis, I want you to propose three courses of action (bad, good, best). Then defend what you think is the best course of action in terms of the four principles (creativity, empathy, impact, dialogue)
You are required to create a video presentation your analysis. For this, we don’t need to see your face, although if you have the software to include your face in the bottom corner, go ahead!
Most of you will already have the software build into your computer. But Canvas has build-in software called Arc, which allows you to do a screen shot video. Any software that will create an mp4 file is fine to use.
So 1) create a multi-slide presentation for Case Analysis 1, and 2) create a video of you (i.e. your voice) presenting it, and 3) upload your mp4 file here
The case you are analyzing is: Ajax.pdf .
Please write what should I talk on the presentation also.