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This assignment is the crowning achievement of your efforts in this course. It is your best opportunity to show your grasp fg the course competencies and learning objectives. Due on the last day of class, it will count for a significant portion of your course grade. In this paper, you will argue for a particular position or stance on one of the issues listed below in the List of Topics. Your paper must be original and written in a strong first person voice, with your obvious stamp of originality so that there is no doubt that you wrote the paper for this course without relying on outside sources.
The paper must be @ 1800-2300 words in length, and should contain at least 6 citations from the course textbook (The Moral of the Story). No outside sources may be used unless absolutely necessary to illustrate your claims or embellish those of Nina Rosenstand or the other course materials from the weekly units. Proper documentation must be used, beyond what is typically allowed in APA Style Manual, in other words, accurate page numbers must be identified in order for the paper to receive credit
Question to be answered: Do people, at the end of the day, always do what they desire most? Or do people sometimes act strictly for the good of “the Other,” without even a trace of self-interest? Choose two Philosophers or thinkers brought in by Rosenstand to illustrate your claims. Quote them extensively with careful citation. Thoroughly define altruism and describe our world if people were altruistic. Only source that can be used. The Moral of the Story: An Introduction to Ethics, 9th Edition by Nina Rosenstand
ISBN10: 1259231194
ISBN13: 9781259231193 Copyright: 2021