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– You may complete up to 5 essays (1-2 pages) for up to 5 pts.
2) Consider one difficult moral/ethical decision you recently had to make, and explain why you choose the decision/action you settled on, as well as whether you still believe your action to be justified, and whether you regret your action or feel shame at all about your action (you may only complete this option only once).
3) View any of the films listed below and write a 1-2 page review discussing what you thought about the ethical content of the film a. The Matrix Reloaded
b. Gandhi
c. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
d. All the King’s Men
e. The Truman Show
f. Thank You for Smoking
g. Brazil
h. Seven
i. Mr. Nobody
j. The Seventh Seal
k. Peaceful Warrior
l. Passengers
m. 12 Angry Men
n. Equilibrium
o. Earthlings
p. Koyaanisqatsi
q. Being John Malkovich
r. Rope
s. Beatriz at Dinner
t. American History X
u. Sophie’s Choice
v. The Act of Killing
w. The Big Lebowski
x. I Heart Huckabees
y. The Fountain
z. Examined Life