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Learning Goal: I’m working on a finance project and need support to help me learn.
Pick five stocks in Week 3 from the list (to be provided) of 20 stocks. You will have a hypothetical $100,000 to “buy” stocks with and you must use all $100,000. Assume you can purchase partial shares to use up the entire $100,000.
Track these stocks for the remainder of the course, Weeks 3–9 for price, earnings announcements, stock splits, dividends, stock market and financial/economic news that affects your stocks.
Track your portfolio for total value once a week for Weeks 3–9.
Download and use this Excel Worksheet Download Excel Worksheetto track your portfolio (the down arrow button will download the file). You will need to enter company name and stock symbol, the number of shares you “buy,” and the individual stock prices each week (obtain prices on the same day each week—after the market closes at 4:00 pm ET). Everything else (individual stock and portfolio values each week) will be calculated by the formulas. Do not overwrite the formulas or the sheet will not calculate values correctly.
By the end of Week 3, submit a copy of this worksheet with your selected companies, their stock symbols, the share numbers you “bought,” and the prices in Week 3 (i.e., data entry for columns A, B, C, & D completed; column E will calculate automatically)