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Complex Care is the health policy topic I’ve chosen to research for this paper.
The use of secondary data is expected in order to develop a policy problem statement/problem question, and carefully analyze the health policy issue. Economic analysis should be utilized in order to separate the symptoms of the problem from the real health policy problem. The central focus of the paper must be a specific health policy problem, not a generalized healthcare problem (Ex: “obesity” and “diabetes” are too broad of topics; please focus on narrower and more specific policy issues). This paper will pay particular attention to the secondary effects that result from past/current/changing/needed health policies that best apply to Complex Care and summarize the managerial implications that are most relevant. Paraphrase all sources very carefully instead of using quotations, and do not plagiarize.
APA formatted in-text citations and a formal reference list are required. Papers must use Microsoft Word, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font with 1″ margins bordering all sides of the page. The paper will consist of a ten-page (double-spaced) analysis of the specific policy issue(s), with no less
than ten current textbook or journal references (no .com websites!).
The format of the paper must consist of the following sections:
Abstract/Executive Summary (250-400 words, key information only)
Introduction of the Specific Health Policy Issue/Problem/Question
Literature Review – what do we currently know/not know about health policy and this topic?
Break this information down by logical subheadings
Methods – how did you find your research? Search terms? Databases? Etc.
Discussion of specific related policies – what is in place, what should change, etc. Is it working?
Why/why not? Suggestions?
Specific Managerial Implications – what do healthcare managers need to know about your topic?
What could they do to help the issue – be specific?
References (don’t forget in-text citations too!)
I have attached a sample paper on what the paper breakdown should look like.