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Untitled Essay in Voice of Industry by Sarah Bagley (1845), pg. 346
Letter of Margaret McCarthy to her family (1850), pg. 347
Memorial of the non-freeholders of the city of Richmond (1829), pg. 382
Appeal of Forty Thousand Citizens threatened with Disenfranchisement (!838), pg. 382
Letter by Joseph Taper to Joseph Long (1840), pg. 420
“Slavery and the Bible” (1850), pg. 421
Declaration of Sentiments of the Seneca Falls Convention (1848), pg. 466
Letter in the Liberator by Angela Grimke (August 2, 1837), pg. 470
An Essay on Slavery and Abolitionism by Catherine Beecher (1837), pg. 471

How do the documents express calls for greater freedom and who is entitled to it?
Please discuss at least FOUR documents.
Your response will need to include examples from the documents and the textbook.
Your original post should be roughly 500 words
Your response posts should be roughly 50-100 words each
How to get a good grade on this assignment:
Make sure you answer the specific question asked. I know this may seem obvious but it is important to re-read your post before submitting and make sure your response focuses on the question.
Use specific examples from the documents and textbook to support each claim/argument
With each example, explain how it supports your claim/argument (you should not have a post that only summarizes things)