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For the powerpoint part: Drawing from your Historiographical Research Paper, create a powerpoint examining an archival institution that coincides with the topic of your Historiographical Research Paper.
Go to the website of an institution you select related to topic of your Historiographical Research Paper and identify what collections could be used, what sort of sources/evidence they found in those collections (e.g. government documents, ephemera, film, correspondence, etc.), and how they used that evidence to (successfully or unsuccessfully) support their argument.
Identify any other collections at that institution that might be useful for scholars interested in creating new research projects related to the topic that you selected for you Historiographical Research Paper.
Finally, are any relevant collections digitized? Are there digital finding aids, and, if so, how would you use them to prepare for a research trip to this institution? If not, how could those resources assist you in your research of this topic?