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Learning Goal: I’m working on a history report and need support to help me learn.
The research project asks you to 1) conduct original research, 2) implement the knowledge you learned in the course to interpret your research findings, and 3) demonstrate your research in a public-engaging form.

For the topic of research, you may choose from one of the following:

1) Select one US immigration legislation, explain what it did, situate it within its historical
context, and explain its broader significance in Asian American history.
2) Select one Asian American social movement (broadly defined), explain the actors, the
issues at stake, the historical context, and its broader significance in Asian American

Idea for your format include: an IG post; MAKE two POSTs。Think about the audience you want to reach and how the format will help facilitate it.
My Ideal : Chinese exclusion Act
And Feedback from teacher:
” I will share a video about the Chinese exclusion Act that happened in America in the 19th century in Tiktok. Not only was I a Chinese student, but I also learned about the changing influence of Chinese culture on America in other history classes.
At first the Chinese who went to America were almost all male, they were very able to work hard in agriculture, railroad construction and other heavy manual labor and demanded low wages that would pull down the standard of living of American laborers. The simple Chinese often saved money and then became employers, bankers.
So I would like to analyze why the whites rejected the Chinese by analyzing them and how the Chinese resisted and continued to survive as a publish of the Post in IG.”
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Jul 13, 2022Jul 13 at 3:40pmManage Discussion EntryHi Chuchu, I like the focus on the Chinese Exclusion Act and especially your emphasis on resistance. Be sure to engage with Naomi Paik’s chapter 1, and I recommend also reading my essay “Anti-Asian Violence and US Imperialism” that was suggested reading for week 1, which offers an explanation for white vigilante violence in 19th century against Chinese. -SM
Please quickly listen Powerpoint from Google Link:…
Reading Book Naomi Paik