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Learning Goal: I’m working on a history writing question and need a sample publish to help me learn.
Hello my friend. Because you have answered many of my history assignment, i need you to do this one. It has 3 parts,
FIRST: read the articles and link to answer the following more than 200 words for each question…
What does the “Methods of Rule” documents, Plaatje’s “Night with the Refugees,” and the documentary, “Kenya: White Terror,” say about the nature of colonialism in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
How does Geiger’s piece make you think differently about resistance or women’s role in African politics?
Describe Priya Satia’s argument.
How do the different panelists view the idea of African independence in 1960? What do you make of Nyerere’s responses?
What were African leaders and intellectuals concerned with as they moved their societies away from colonization? How did they define de-colonization?
SECOND: write the primary source sheet. I need 2 separate primary sources. Follow this steps and the primary source doc.
Identify a primary source in a chosen unit.
Identify a secondary source in a chosen unit. This secondary source will help the student properly analyze the primary source.
Read both carefully
Fill out the primary source sheet
THIRD: who cares essay (500 words
main reaction students have had to HIST 106 is: “Why have I been lied to about
African history?” This question comes, I think, from the numerous sources the
course has that challenge stereotypes of Africa’s past—stereotypes that
continue to inform a lot of our national educational landscape in spite of,
well, the ease with which we can take those down in an introductory course.
Implicitly, students asking this question have hoped we can do better.
have also linked this to the popular idea that history repeats itself. I’m not
sure about that (at least in the way that most explain it), but I know when I’m
overruled, and I’ve seen some students do some excellent work through this idea,
and this has quickly become one of my favorite assignments
here’s the task:
a 500 word evidence-based essay about why you—or someone else (society,
students, policy makers, etc.)—care or should care about a specific unit of our
class. Students may choose any unit except Unit 1.
are the specifics:
must use at least two least two primary sources and at least one secondary
source. They should support their argument with specifics, much as they would
in any formal essay. The argument should also build—as all good arguments do.
And they must cite because credibility and complexity (should) matter outside
the classroom, too.
that said, students are also free to make links between personal and community
life more prominently—indeed, a central part of their argument— than is
normally part of academic analysis.