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One of the biggest struggles of the field of medieval history is to maintain relevance in the modern world because for the general population, the period feels remote and foreign. For your primary source project, we are going to propose projects that appeal to the general public by making medieval history come alive.
There are two options that you may choose from. One is to create a pitch for a show, the other is to create a proposal for a public exhibit of some kind. Read through the different options and see which one appeals to you the most. You have a lot of freedom to do with this project as you choose, so long as you keep to the few requirements listed, such as the amount of sources, the various components, etc. Think about the different themes and subjects provided to you throughout the course (feel free to look ahead on the syllabus if you want to base your project on material presented later) and have fun with your creation!

**If you have a subject that you want to concentrate on that is not discussed in the syllabus, contact me for approval–in most cases, I am completely open to any potential project ideas!**