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For this week’s engagement activity, you will
Complete the first step of a life cycle analysis by identifying all the inputs and outputs needed to produce one item of your choice.
Your chosen item must require one or more minerals from Earth’s surface derived through mining (e.g., a standard #2 pencil).
List and briefly explain all the inputs and outputs in the discussion board below needed to produce your item of choice.
Reflect on all of the steps needed to produce each part of the item you chose (for example: when selecting the pencil, include the wood, lead, paint, eraser, and metal eraser cup). If you need help, return to this week’s Instructor Guidance to review how we determined the inputs and outputs for a partnership.
Explain the environmental effects from mining one resource that is needed to make the product of your choice.

Then, after reviewing the Ebony Project videos,
Summarize how Taylor Guitars work with nature to ensure sustainability during the production of guitars.
Explain the role of business leadership in developing resources for sustainability and profit in your career of choice or within your chosen field of study.
Use one scholarly or credible source to support this element. Refer to the Scholarly, Peer Reviewed, and Other Credible Sources Tip Sheet (Links to an external site.)from the UAGC Library.