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in a response of at least 600 words answer the following.
To what extent did BRIXMIS enjoy a specific benefit from having a larger number of tour officers and NCOs? What activities were made possible (or prevented) by the larger BRIXMIS component?
To what extent is the military liaison mission experience relevant to both contemporary military intelligence endeavors and previous activities as described in Judges?
Assess the significance of Soviet and East German attacks against the Western missions. How do you explain the risks of our enemies’ physical assaults against the missions?
the answer should include in text citations and 2 sources that must be used are chapter 6 of The Five Disciplines of Intelligence Collection by Lowenthal, Mark M.; Clark, Robert and
Chapters 19 to 23 of Challenges in Intelligence Analysis by
Timothy Walton both texts can be accessed at the 2 links below and use the login for assinged writers[%3Bvnd.vst.idref%3Ddoc34]!/4/2/6[c85376-606]/2/2/3:0[%2C%20ri]