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This week, you learned about how urban growth can affect sustainability and how laws and regulations are often used to limit the environmental damage done by sprawl. For your engagement activity this week, pretend that you live in a town with a potential water pollution problem. In your town, pollution rates are higher than average due to a large manufacturing plant that employs 75% of the town located along the river. Cancer rates and wildlife death in the town are higher than nearby cities and pollution caused by the plant is the suspected reason. A potential law is being introduced that will shut down the plant to stop the increasing cancer risks and environmental degradation. However, if passed, this law will likely bankrupt the town and most of its citizens. Based on the first letter of your last name, address the appropriate questions below:

If the first letter of your last name starts with the letters A through M,
Make a strong argument for passing the law to close the plant (regardless of how you personally feel).
Explain how you will deal with the issue of unemployment and economic decline in the face of closing the plant.
Discuss the pros and cons of closing the plant and how you feel the pros outweigh the cons.
Assess creative ways to solve both issues while closing the plant.