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For this assignment, I want you to research and develop a succession plan. The succession plan must evaluate one position. The evaluation should outline the required skills sets for the position, the skills sets of the employee in the position, the gap between the skills the employee has versus the required skills for the position, and a brief summary of training topics for the employee in the next year. You will need to evaluate the various tools available for succession planning, either choose one of those tools or build your own based on your research. The tool you choose or create should be the best fit for your organization. I have used spreadsheets, project plans, and organizational chart software as the platform for my past succession plans. Some students have used PowerPoint as well. The tool isn’t as important as the content. Instructions:
Your plan should include an explanation of the process you will use to gather information about the necessary skills for the position, the current employee skill sets, and the potential the employees show for future positions.
Your plan should include a tool that you will use to evaluate the employee skill sets. This could be a rating scale, a checklist, or a narrative explanation of the skill set.
Your plan should include how the succession plan will be successfully implemented in the organization including timelines and action steps.