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This Assignment will be submitted to Turnitin all work MUST be Original.
Question: Write a paper explaining the compensation process as it relates to criminal justice agencies.
TEXTBOOK: Human Resource Management in Public Service 7th edition, Paradoxes, Processes, and Problems. Berman, E. M., Bowman, J. S., West, J. P., & Wart, M.R. V. (2021) ISBN: 978-1071848906 (At least one source from this book)
No cover page is needed for this assignment
All sources MUST be Scholarly
Additional Instructions:
The brief must be no less than 85% original thought, analysis, and synthesis.
Do not quote or paraphrase heavily from the readings. No more than 10% of this assignment may be cited or quoted.
***Wikipedia is not an appropriate source for any scholarly writing and is not permitted for any assignment in this program.
Moreover, dictionaries are not appropriate sources.