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Learning Goal: I’m working on a java question and need guidance to help me learn.
A PowerPoint presentation algorithm, Java feature, or algorithm along with a code demo. This will contribute to 8% of your final course grade. The objective here is to have you prepare a technical presentation ( PPT slides) and demonstrate operation of Java code. Make a 5 or 6 slide presentation, this excludes the title page that must have your name, course title and the title of your presentation.
Ideally spend two minutes on each slide as you make your presentation.
No more than three minutes on the code demo.
The grading will be based onComplexity of the topic you select (20 pts)
Look and clarity of the slides (20 pts)
Presentation (30 pts)
Code demo (30 pts).
You must create a video of your presentation. You may learn about how to create a video by following the “course resources” link in Blackboard and reading the instructions in the job aids for using Kaltura and/or Zoom for video creation.
Here is a list of topics you can choose from:
Version Control — Git, GitHub, BitBucket
RMI Applications
any topic approved by instructor