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Learning Goal: I’m working on a law multi-part question and need a sample publish to help me learn.
Directions: Answer each question below with complete and logical sentences (not sentence fragments), using material from the lesson content to support your answer (e.g., your answers should not be “I think,” “I feel,” “yes,” or “no” statements without some additional explanation or analysis of the lesson content). Enter your answers in this word document after each corresponding question, save, and submit this as a word document (i.e., not as a PDF, pages, etc.) to Blackboard by the due date.
1.You are the airport manager of a city-owned public airport. The airport’s development has been partially funded through federal grants. The airport authority, your boss, asks you the following questions
a.Is there any restriction on what limitations we can impose on the use of our airport? (1 point)
b.Would there be any potential adverse legal consequences if we decide to close the airport and use the property for other purposes? (1 point)
2.Identify and describe at least two current efforts to accomplish the safe and efficient integration of civil UAS into the US National Airspace System (online research beyond the course material will be necessary) (1 point)
3.You are an airline passenger. During pre-boarding screening, a very annoying TSA employee asks you to open your wallet.
a.Is this a reasonable search? Explain. (1 point)
b.Your immediate urge is to respond sarcastically, saying something like: “Oh, that’s where I hid the machine gun I was going to use to hijack the flight.” Explain what adverse legal consequences could result from such a remark? (1 point)