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topic of Property Law:
Analyze the case of Private Nuisance
(1) Find the case of Noise Pollution (Do not use cases below)
From our older cases, the courts seemed to make it clear that there could not be a private nuisance without a material and physical invasion of one’s property making it unhealthy or unpleasant to use. Although private nuisance has now been supplanted by zoning, the common law doctrine of private nuisance is still available to property owners. I have not followed the more modern cases, but I think that many of the cases involve noise or eye sores. I know of one case in New Jersey about the noise from a windmill. But I think there are other cases in other states. Thus, this project would look for modern cases of private nuisance and examine what the state courts have decided in these cases. I can help you find some cases. There is a service called “Shepherd’s” for lawyers in which you can find modern cases that cites an important older case such as Bove, Boomer, or Spur. This service must be available on the University library system. *the instruction of paper in the words document
*I also upload sample writing that you can read with