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Learning Goal: I’m working on a linguistics case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.
There will be a final paper due at the end of our course, to be submitted via Blackboard (using
Turn It In, which will check for plagiarism). This paper is a very open ended chance for you to
explore a topic related to human language that interests you. It must be at least 8 pages, double
spaced, with 1 inch margins with Times New Roman font, and in APA format. You should have
at least 3 respectable sources for your research (i.e., not Wikipedia! However, Wikipedia is a great
way to find sources/references). You will be required to choose your paper topic by July 5th. (The
July 5th blog post will be about your topic and why you chose it.) Be sure that all of your sources
are properly cited (see section below on Academic Integrity); papers that contain plagiarism
will receive a grade of 0. You may re-upload your paper to Turn It In on Blackboard as
many times as you like before the due date to ensure that you are not plagiarizing (even
my topic is :in my final papers i want to write about how diffrent foregein languages i.e yoruba ( nigerian ) can affect a persons view or how they talk, type ,relate to culture and religion.