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Choose one of the three plays we are studying this week and consider how the audience might understand the theme differently if you made just one change to the play’s performance. You should not change entire plot points; keep the text as close to the original as possible, focusing on how setting, gender, costuming, time, etc. could change our understanding of the play’s theme. Once you have chosen a specific change, explain the following:

• The title + author of your chosen play
• Why you chose that play
• What specific change you chose to make to the way the original text is literally interpreted
• An explanation of why you chose to make that specific change and how that change provides more insight into a specific aspect of the original text
• Read a specific passage from the text that reflects the significance of your chosen change
• Explain why you chose that passage and how the meaning of that passage is altered because of your reinterpretation
Here is the Ebook website link to the play I chose. This is not an essay, I just have to answer the above questions in a post. It has to be at least three hundred words. I do not need a work cited page or anything like that, just answer the questions. The play is
“The Stronger” translated by Edith and Warner Oland on page 504.